Election Tuesday 2010: Move Over Dems!


In case you’re in need of a little jolt, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane, shall we?

In January of this year we rallied around Scott Brown in his quest to be the 41st vote against ObamaCare. In a stunning victory, he ripped “Ted Kennedy’s Seat” from the grip of liberalism and reminded everyone that it was “The People’s Seat.”

In electing Republican Scott Brown in Blue Massachusetts, we sent a message: The Senate will NOT pass ObamaCare.

So the House did.

The House adopted the Senate’s earlier version of the behemoth, life-killing healthcare bill in order to keep it from returning to the Senate where Scott Brown could cast the deciding vote against it.

    The same House that voted FOR cap-and-trade.
    The same House that approved spending bill after spending bill after spending bill.
    The same House that stimulated their own interests, but not our economy.
    The same House that bailed out banks. And Government Motors. And the United Autoworkers Union. And the States with unbalanced budgets. And teachers unions.

So what did we do about it?

    We pulled out our pocket Constitutions and rededicated ourselves to it.
    We rallied in our neighborhoods.
    We fashioned clever slogans and made our own signs.
    We tweeted.
    We posted articles on our Facebook pages.
    We broadened our email distribution lists.
    We met up and began to plan.
    We rallied again. This time in DC. Against ObamaCare.
    We initiated conversations about the state of our country with everyone, not just our politically-minded friends, family and colleagues.
    We brushed up on American history.
    We learned to better articulate the failure of socialism everywhere it’s been tried.
    We sojourned to DC (or in spirit by watching it on CSPAN or online) to join fellow Americans in praying for our country, promising to restore its honor, and realizing the gravity of the situation if we weren’t serious.

We’ve vented our frustrations, we’ve gathered and we’ve prayed.

Tomorrow … we vote.
Tomorrow … we FLIP that House!

For months now we’ve been saying, “We can see November from our house!” November is finally here. Washington has been ignoring us but they can’t ignore the pink slips we’ll be handing out tomorrow, November 2nd, if you get out and vote.

Heed this warning from Ed Morrissey of Hot Air:

Of course, all this means nothing if Republicans don’t turn out to vote tomorrow. It’s not enough to watch the polls and figure that these elections have been won. Tomorrow, Republicans and independents get to send a message to Washington and change the direction of its economic and fiscal policies, in what could be a historical rebuke and a real mandate to return to a limited government approach at the federal level. Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of history tomorrow.

In the words of the President, “ARE YOU FIRED UP?! READY TO GO?!”

I am! Now let’s get out there and make it happen! Let’s work together to undo the damage and restore America to her greatness once again! No more taking our votes for granted! No more calling yourself a conservative and voting like a liberal! No more running up the bill and leaving the tab to our children! No more! Not on our watch! We WILL make our voices heard November 2nd! WE ARE FIRED UP! WE ARE READY TO GO! We are the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave! Listen to Lewis sing the 2nd verse of our National Anthem and then pick up the phone! Call your friends. Give your neighbors a ride to the polling booth. We can do this. We can send our message. Again. Vote Out The Dems in 2010!

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