The (R)ed Wave to Stop Obama: Keep Riding!

We’ve had 2 years to figure out who Obama is. Let’s face it, the majority of Americans had no idea who Obama was or what kind of leader he would be. He had been a community organizer, whatever that was, voted “present” in the Illinois state legislature, which seemed bipartisanship-y (really, people?) and was a US Senator for 2 short years (with nothing to show for it) before launching his Presidential campaign.

We’ve had two long, disastrous, chaotic years with bill after bill stuffed down our throats. Last night was our chance to reject the massively destructive agenda we’ve witnessed over the last 2 years, and WE DID!

Republicans gained more than 500 legislative seats across the country. While we continue to sip on our Slurpees in celebration, let’s see what we’ve won.

First, let’s look at the NATIONAL scene.

1. Republicans win the House!

Ding, dong, the witch is dead. Nancy Pelosi will be packing up her office soon and John Boehner is the Presumptive Speaker of the House. If he fights and talks like this, then we have a chance to defund ObamaCare. Listen, Obama says the Republicans have driven a car in a ditch. That’s not true. If America is a car, we’re always in motion. He’s in the driver’s seat and he’s driving 150 mph on a long, windy, country rode. We can’t hit the brakes because we’re not driving. But we can pull the parking brake. That’s what we did last night. We changed who is sitting in the front seat next to Obama so they can pull up the parking brake. Sure, we might fishtail or spin around, but that’s what we need to do! Stop the dang car and turn it around! Our lives are at stake here! (Obama uses these ridiculous car memes because he’s in charge of a car company now. Way to go, Government Motors.) Look at all this red and enjoy the change in view from the back of the car to the front.

2. Republicans gained 5 Senate seats.

Yeah, I know, we wanted more. We wanted Harry “this war is lost” Reid sent back to Searchlight, Nevada. We wanted Senator Ma’am Boxer boxing up her DC crib and shuffling back to California, too. We wanted everything and the kitchen sink, but we don’t have to get it all in one trip. Knowing the state that sent Snarlin’ Arlen Specter home for the primary and didn’t elect his opponent in the general feels extremely liberating. Let Specter squawk and condescend those at his local coffee shop, just get him packed, out of his office and off my TV during judiciary hearings. He awakened the sleeping giant in Pennsylvania and it showed him the door, and his party. We also took Obama’s former seat (how you like them apples, Barry?). So that’s Pennsylvania and Illinois along with Wisconsin, Indiana, North Dakota and Arkansas. (You can see the map here.)

I’ll always take more wins than losses but I think this sets up the Republicans well for the Presidential run for 2012. Even when Obama had the majority in the House and Senate, he said the Republicans were obstructionists. Imagine how many people would believe him if both chambers had switched from blue to red. Look, even if we had taken the Senate we wouldn’t have had enough to repeal ObamaCare. As much as the American people have rejected ObamaCare, some lack the stomach to fight for it. They’re waiting to “test the waters” when they don’t realize that one sip will do you in. We must spend the next 18 months sounding the alarm on the deadly effects of ObamaCare while encouraging the electorate that they can actually do something about it!

Now let’s zoom in and look at the STATE scene.

1. Republicans swept the Gubernatorial races in 26 states.

They kept 7 and gained 10, including Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. South Carolina has elected their first female Governor, which will matter to those who love identity politics, but just makes me plum happy because my home state got it right (yay, Nikki Haley!). As for the Democrats, they kept 6 and gained 2. If you look at how The Governator has led California, I wouldn’t blame you if your tallies were 7 kept, 1 gained.

If you aren’t sure how a Governor’s race can affect the mood of the country, look no further than Jan Brewer and her fight on illegal immigration and its murderous effect on cities in her state. Or, Bobby Jindal who didn’t pull punches over the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and Obama’s reactionary job-killing oil drilling moratorium. Who lives in the Governors mansion matter to us as individuals (I have another 4 years of Deval Patrick, no thanks to the “Independent” Tim Cahill, thank you very much) but they can sue the Federal Government over ObamaCare and take cases to the Supreme Court that affect all of us. I’m looking at those 26 states to see which ones to put on my destination list for my next move. I’m not sure how much longer I can put up with Massacusetts. 8 years is a heck of a long time!

2. To go along with those Governorships, Republicans now run 55 legislative chambers.

That’s up from 36. If you aren’t sure if the message of fiscal reality and responsibility has taken hold, look at this number. The people have gone to the polls for local and national issues and the message has been sent.

In Conclusion

    1. Obama will not heed the message. As you well know, he held a press conference today. His answers boil down to, “I Won.”
    2. The GOP is on notice. They need to be the Grand Ol’ Party and not the Grand Ol’ Parent or the Grand Ol’ Patronizer.
    3. John Boehner and the House of Representatives need to roll up their sleeves and fight, fight, fight. Learn to throw a proverbial right hook and use it.
    4. This is a win, a big win. But it’s a win at the ground floor. We need to support those Republicans that have won SO LONG AS they support us and our efforts to halt Obama’s agenda.
    5. We need to get together and make our message for 2012 crystal clear. We’ll be fighting each other over the Presidential nomination, no doubt, but if our goal isn’t to Stop Obama then shame on us. If our own personal favorite doesn’t win and we whine about it, then good job. You just got us 4 more years of Barack Obama.

See the big picture. Focus on the big picture. Adopt the big picture. Otherwise, this wave will crash and burn. I’d rather ride it all the way through 2012 myself.

Election Tuesday 2010: Move Over Dems!


In case you’re in need of a little jolt, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane, shall we?

In January of this year we rallied around Scott Brown in his quest to be the 41st vote against ObamaCare. In a stunning victory, he ripped “Ted Kennedy’s Seat” from the grip of liberalism and reminded everyone that it was “The People’s Seat.”

In electing Republican Scott Brown in Blue Massachusetts, we sent a message: The Senate will NOT pass ObamaCare.

So the House did.

The House adopted the Senate’s earlier version of the behemoth, life-killing healthcare bill in order to keep it from returning to the Senate where Scott Brown could cast the deciding vote against it.

    The same House that voted FOR cap-and-trade.
    The same House that approved spending bill after spending bill after spending bill.
    The same House that stimulated their own interests, but not our economy.
    The same House that bailed out banks. And Government Motors. And the United Autoworkers Union. And the States with unbalanced budgets. And teachers unions.

So what did we do about it?

    We pulled out our pocket Constitutions and rededicated ourselves to it.
    We rallied in our neighborhoods.
    We fashioned clever slogans and made our own signs.
    We tweeted.
    We posted articles on our Facebook pages.
    We broadened our email distribution lists.
    We met up and began to plan.
    We rallied again. This time in DC. Against ObamaCare.
    We initiated conversations about the state of our country with everyone, not just our politically-minded friends, family and colleagues.
    We brushed up on American history.
    We learned to better articulate the failure of socialism everywhere it’s been tried.
    We sojourned to DC (or in spirit by watching it on CSPAN or online) to join fellow Americans in praying for our country, promising to restore its honor, and realizing the gravity of the situation if we weren’t serious.

We’ve vented our frustrations, we’ve gathered and we’ve prayed.

Tomorrow … we vote.
Tomorrow … we FLIP that House!

For months now we’ve been saying, “We can see November from our house!” November is finally here. Washington has been ignoring us but they can’t ignore the pink slips we’ll be handing out tomorrow, November 2nd, if you get out and vote.

Heed this warning from Ed Morrissey of Hot Air:

Of course, all this means nothing if Republicans don’t turn out to vote tomorrow. It’s not enough to watch the polls and figure that these elections have been won. Tomorrow, Republicans and independents get to send a message to Washington and change the direction of its economic and fiscal policies, in what could be a historical rebuke and a real mandate to return to a limited government approach at the federal level. Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of history tomorrow.

In the words of the President, “ARE YOU FIRED UP?! READY TO GO?!”

I am! Now let’s get out there and make it happen! Let’s work together to undo the damage and restore America to her greatness once again! No more taking our votes for granted! No more calling yourself a conservative and voting like a liberal! No more running up the bill and leaving the tab to our children! No more! Not on our watch! We WILL make our voices heard November 2nd! WE ARE FIRED UP! WE ARE READY TO GO! We are the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave! Listen to Lewis sing the 2nd verse of our National Anthem and then pick up the phone! Call your friends. Give your neighbors a ride to the polling booth. We can do this. We can send our message. Again. Vote Out The Dems in 2010!

Murkowski Write-In: Spell it L-O-S-E-R

Lisa Murkowski began her Senate career in 2002 when she was appointed by her father, Frank Murkowski. He wanted someone to fill the Alaskan Senate seat he was exchanging for the Alaska Governor’s mansion and who better than his own daughter? Just think of it as musical chairs for ruling class families.

As you can imagine, Alaskans weren’t necessarily overjoyed and eventually changed the rules to keep their Governors from making appointments. (I’ve lived in Massachusetts the past 8 years so I know all about those rules and how they are conveniently modified based on the party of the person serving as Governor. But I digress.)

In 2004, Lisa Murkowski launched an actual campaign to keep the Senate seat. She won the primary handily and went on to win the general election. Was she helped by the Bush reelection campaign? Did Ted Stevens help her maintain the seat after striking fear in the hearts of pork lovers that it would slow should she lose? Was she just well liked by her constituents? All of the above, perhaps? In any case, she was sent back to Washington to represent Alaska’s interests. Her voting record remained moderate and no doubt thought the seat would be hers for as long as she wanted it.

Six years later, in 2010, she found herself campaigning again, but this time, America was changing.

Could the atmosphere be changing in Alaska, too?

Were Alaskans watching the votes being cast in the Senate? Were they upset about the economic decisions being made in Washington? Were they (gasp!) attending those Tea Party rallies? Certainly they weren’t flocking to DC to demonstrate their desire to see the country be fiscally responsible and ethically sound. Those ungovernable people were just having a collective temper tantrum because they didn’t have the mental fortitude to understand that Washington makes the decisions that are best for, um, everyone.

That moderate voting record came back to bite her as she was defeated in the Republican primary by Joe Miller. Before we get to the most recent news, it’s important that we first take a trip down memory lane, all the way back to August 31st:

Lo and behold, on September 17th, Lisa Murkowski decided the people have in fact not spoken (er, to her liking) so she has decided to launch a write-in campaign. It’s not about her. No, no, it’s about Alaska. Alaska needs her. (Or, does she need the power?) At her write-in campaign announcement, she actually had the gumption to say, “On November 2nd you’ll have a choice.” Really, Lisa? Alaskan Republicans already made their choice and they made it on August 24th for your opponent. You lost. But now Alaska needs another chance to have their voice heard? Why is that? Was the message of the primary results, dare I say it, Murky?

Here’s what’s Murky. Just before the primary election, Lisa Murkowski said she would accept its results. During her speech tonight she attempted to walk back from that declaration by trying this line: “I misspoke when I said I would accept the primary results.” Misspoke? Really? Is that the word you’re comfortable using? Why not just be honest and say, “You know, Alaskans, I reject your primary decision. You need me. You really need me. I am not ready to pack it up and come back here to Alaska. I don’t take no for an answer. My daddy gave me this seat and I’m not ready to give it up. I won’t give it up. You can’t take it from me. It’s mine. It’s MINE! It’s MIIIINE!” As Michelle Malkin writes on her site “Entrenched incumbency is not an argument for more entrenched incumbency.”

It’s obvious that winning at all irrational costs isn’t the only thing on Murkowski’s mind. She is also thinking about Sarah Palin. It was bad enough Palin unseat her father as Governor in 2006 but now she was encroaching on her own plans by endorsing her opponent and taking an active part in keeping her from receiving the GOP nomination. In what can only be described as a feeble attempt to take a little jab towards the former Governor, Lisa Murkowski only manages to show that she overstays her welcome. When you lose, you shake hands with the winner and wish them well in the next round. No, not Lisa. She decides she’d rather be like Charlie Crist and go out in flames. Alaska’s politicians, current or former, won’t have the last word, Lisa. The voters will. Again.

Whatever you do, good people of Alaska, don’t even think about writing in Murkowski. If you just can’t help yourself, make sure you get the spelling right. Practice it with me. It’s L-O-S-E-R.

Meet Alaska’s next US Senator, Joe Miller. Get to know Joe Miller. Donate to Joe Miller. By all means, support Joe Miller. I am.

My extended vacation from blogging

Hi there. Good to see you again.

I appreciate you checking in on my blog. I’ve been quite busy editing a steady stream of theological works the past few months. Those of you who know me personally know that my favorite topics are (in order): theology, politics and sports. I received my Master’s Degree in Theology in 2004 and was finally able to put it to decent use. While discussing the political and athletic happenings in our country can get me as excited as kid whose school has been canceled due to an unforeseen snowstorm, theology brings out a temperament in me that is more measured and deliberate. Of course, yearning for the eternal does have a weight to it.

Alas, the editing project is largely over and will be reduced to one smaller project per month. On the bright side, I’ll get to spend more time with you here. I look forward to interacting with you again!

If you’re on Twitter, you can find me under @Lady_Patriot. I’ll typically follow you back once we have a meaningful exchange. If you enjoy a break from politics and want to talk sports, look for my sports account, @Lady_PatriotSP. (Finally, football season is here!)

I just have one question before I go: Do you see November from your house?

I do!
The Lady Patriot

House Doesn’t Slaughter the Deem-and-Pass Rule

You’ve heard of the Slaughter Rule. It means that, if used, the House would NOT vote on the Senate version of the health care bill (a move that is required in order for the health care bill to be passed). Instead, the House will vote on a reconciliation bill that would “fix health care issues” like eliminate the FFEL Program from student lending.

That’s right. Student loans and health care. They go together like chocolate chip cookies and a tall glass of Pine-Sol. The changes state that “savings” from removing the Federal Family Education Loan Program will go to increase the per student Federal Pell Grant. (You do know that a community college student with a Pell Grant can walk away with a refund check that’s derived solely from Pell Grant proceeds, right? Just a little something for you to mull over, as if this health care debacle isn’t bad enough.)

Those “savings” from eliminating FFELP will also off-set health care costs, too. Yeah, um, okay. (By the way, the elimination of the FFEL Program means choice in student lending is over and the only option students will have is the Department of Education. In case you aren’t aware, the US Department of Education has been telling schools for a year they need to begin setting up their processes to handle this switch as it was inevitable with Obama as President.)

Back to the Slaughter Rule. If the House votes for those proposed changes, then they will “deem” the Senate bill as having been passed, although no votes were actually cast for or against the Senate bill.

Then, the Senate bill that the Senate passed and the House “deemed to have passed” is sent to the President to sign, the “Cornhusker Kickback” and “Louisiana Purchase” included.

The Slaughter Rule seems underhanded, doesn’t it? That’s BECAUSE IT IS.

What about the “fix” that includes the elimination of FFELP? That reconciliation bill will be sent to the Senate for their vote. Since it’s a reconciliation bill, the Senate only needs 51 votes to pass it. The original Senate bill didn’t have pro-life language in it so it’s not a given the Senate will pass the reconciliation bill. If they make any changes to the reconciliation bill, it has to go back to the House. The question is, will pro-life Democrats in the House, like Bart Stupak of Michigan, trust the Senate to pass the changes? Are there more procedural tricks up Nancy Pelosi’s sleeve to somehow assuage Stupak’s concern, maintain the large pro-abortion coalition in the House and get the bill passed? (By passed I mean, deemed-and-by-default-passed.) [UPDATE: According to HotAir, there is a possible hand to play between Pelosi and Stupak to do just that. Will it ever end??]

So much for Scott Brown being central to defeating health care, right? Wrong. The election of Scott Brown has brought to light all the dirty tactics the left is willing to use, like the Slaughter Rule, to cram government-controlled health care down the throats of the American people.

Perhaps Representative Stephen Lynch (D-MA) is a little nervous that his home state elected a Republican. Although he voted for the initial House version of the bill, he is saying he will vote against the Senate version. Ah, but what about the Slaughter Rule? He was quoted in a Boston Globe article saying the Slaughter Rule “may be unconstitutional” and using it would damage their credibility.

Lynch also criticized the procedure Democrats are considering using to pass the legislation – by “deeming” the Senate bill approved, instead of voting directly on the Senate bill itself. Repeating a comment reported by the Boston Herald today, he called the procedure “disingenuous.” Echoing Republican complaints, he also said it “may be unconstitutional” because it wouldn’t involve an up-or-down vote on legislation.

“It’s a stretch,” he said. “I think it hurts our credibility to try to pull a prank like that. We should stand up and tell voters where we stand.”

Nonetheless, Lynch predicted it would pass.

“I think the president and speaker Pelosi are fairly persuasive,” he said. “They wouldn’t call on a vote unless they had the votes.”

He predicted it would pass? Well, what do you know? Stephen Lynch voted FOR the Slaughter Rule the same day the article appeared! Imagine that.

Are you still confused over the Slaughter Rule? Here’s all you need to know: In voting to use the Slaughter Rule to bypass actually voting for the health care bill, the House has slaughtered the oath they each took to uphold and defend the Constitution. As Article 1, Section 7 states, “Every Bill which shall have passed the House of Representatives and the Senate, shall, before it become a Law, be presented to the President of the United States.” A bill that has not passed the House but has been “deemed” as passed through a procedural Slaughter Rule and is signed into law by the President will find itself headed to court.

Are you still confused? I don’t blame you. This 90 second video pieced together by the NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee) will quickly explain, not how a bill becomes a law, but how a bill gets “demon passed” in a House run by Nancy Pelosi.

For those of you wondering, “demonpass” may not have entered the nation’s vernacular so readily were it not for a Carly Fiorina campaign ad, known as the “demon sheep” ad. If you haven’t seen it yet, or need a dose of laughter after all this Slaughterhouse activity, here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Sandra Bullock Wins Oscar as Leigh Anne Tuohy in The Blind Side!

Sandra Bullock, best known for her roles in syrupy and quirky romantic comedies, nabbed an Oscar for Best Actress at last night’s Academy Awards for her leading role in The Blind Side. (Watch the acceptance speech here.)

Unlike some of the previous winners who have played the worst among us, she portrays a Christian woman, Leigh Anne Tuohy, whose life is transformed by taking in a troubled teenager, Michael Oher. Their story cannot possibly be captured in 126 minutes. (Whose life can?) But in those fast, action-filled minutes, The Blind Side does a fantastic job of trying!

Typically, an actress takes home awards for “pushing the envelope” or “choosing artistry over modesty” so it’s refreshing when an actress is lauded for her portrayal of an unapologetic, strong-willed Christian woman. (Republican, even. Gasp!)

As you’ll see in the clip below of different cast members reflecting on the movie, Sandra Bullock was hesitant to be cast as Leigh Anne Tuohy; first, because Leigh Anne is a Christian and second, because she doesn’t apologize for who she is.

If the scenes from the movie don’t move you, I have serious concerns about the condition of your heart. No, it’s not something a good statin can fix. If your heart isn’t tender, it will skip over the selflessness of this family and look for reasons to hate it. Michael Oher loves his family and I can certainly see why.

After seeing The Blind Side together, I asked my 11 year old nephew what he thought about it as we left the movie theater. Without missing a beat, he responded, “That was probably the best movie I’ve ever seen.” (Take that, CGI!) Everyone I talked to who saw it were effusive in their praise of not just the movie but the strength of Leigh Anne Tuohy and Michael Oher’s sheer determination to survive and succeed. These are people you pull for in life. I can tell you that Michael Oher has more fans now that we know who he is! (Typically, my family identifies collegiate players and follows their NFL careers from there, making us more loyal towards particular players than franchises. We’re not Ole Miss fans so we wouldn’t have been familiar with him. I can tell you that we pulled for Michael Oher this season and were stoked when the Baltimore Ravens proceeded into the playoffs.)

As Leigh Anne Tuohy says, “Lip service is easy.” I have never met the Tuohys but as a fellow believer, I know their demonstrated love is a reminder to all of us: feeling love for others and giving love to others go hand in hand. May we never look past people in need but give freely and cheerfully – of our belongings, of our time and of our selves.

I’m happy for Sandra Bullock. I’m more satisfied, however, that this giving Christian family has been brought to the forefront of American pop culture and Oscar history, where they most certainly belong.

Because I comment on politics in this blog, it’s only fitting that I show this clip. In a year when Obama’s approval rankings are tanking, unemployment is rising (though not “unexpectedly” as the media would have you believe), tea party patriots are being demeaned but not deterred and Republicans have been victorious in Liberal Massachusetts (“the bluest of blue states”), it is only fitting that the “Performance by an actress in a leading role” goes to a Sandra Bullock and her impeccable portrayal of a Christian, Republican woman. Below is a cute clip of Michael’s tutor when her opposing political leanings are revealed. There’s an even better line in the movie but I’ll leave that one for you to discover when you watch the full feature for yourselves.

There is only one thing left to do. Go see The Blind Side!

Mitt Romney Pulls No Punches at CPAC

Mitt Romney addressed CPAC yesterday in a well-delivered and well-received speech. Romney has been embraced by CPAC the last few years and this year is no exception.

Below are my favorite sound bites, mostly because of the mouth-watering red meat. Bon appetit!

Just when everyone thinks Mitt is going to mention his encounter with the man on the airplane during he and his wife Ann’s return trip from the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, he takes a sharp turn and lands a power punch:

Romney then gives a shout-out to Massachusetts and the victory of Republican Scott Brown!

Then, like a teacher to his pupil, Romney reviews the failures of Obama’s first year and mocks his self-proclaimed grade of B+. The only thing that would have made his jab at Al Gore better is if he had replaced “the internet” with “global warming.” Romney has a way to go on unequivocally rejecting anthropogenic global warming (AGW) but maybe he’ll come around sooner rather than later. Time will certainly tell. At least he’s on record for being against Cap-and-Tax.

Get my steak knife! Romney reminds us of Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito’s rebuke of President Obama during the State of the Union Address. If you haven’t watched Alito mouthing the words “Not true” over and over, you must. It’s finger licking good!

If Obama truly thought he earned a B+ for his first year’s performance as Leader of the Free World, why does he need fall guys? Perhaps it’s a reflex of studying Saul Alinsky. Perhaps he’s hedging his bets. Either way, he needs to redirect attention off his unsuccessful first year. Romney wastes no time dismantling Obama’s excuses for his three favorite go-to blame game targets.

  • Target 1: Obama blames the GOP by calling them the Party of No. More like the Party of Saying No to the Wrong Things!

  • Target 2: Obama blames the American People, the very ones who elected him to the Presidency.

  • Target 3: Obama blames his predecessor. The current President falls back on the “Blame Bush” mantra with almost every breath and certainly as frequently as he utters “um” or “ah” when the TelePrompTer isn’t in use. Think about it. Invoking George W. Bush was toxic during the 2008 election. It didn’t take too long to realize Obama is worse than Bush and that change for the sake of change can win elections but change towards the wrong direction can wreck a country. Who would have thought one year ago we would be talking about a “Miss Me Yet?” billboard in Minnesota? Stay with this clip until the end as the mention of Dick Cheney receives a roar of applause!

Invoking a birthday party game favorite of years past, Romney cuts through Obama’s long list of excuses and lays blame precisely where it belongs.

Now for the final morsel of meat, which I hope is the change we’re looking forward to in the 2010 and 2012 elections.

(For the entire speech, visit CSPAN.)

It’s waaaay too early to tell but Hot Air has the latest PPP poll which shows Romney’s slight edge over Huckabee, Palin and Thune in a one-on-one matchup against Obama. I actually loathe the “Whose going to be the GOP’s 2012 candidate?” question this far away from the Presidential primaries but one thing we learned from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is that 2 years might be the new campaign standard. If that carries forward to 2012, make sure you have a DVR before then. You don’t want to be caught fast forward-less during campaign commercials!

Putting aside favorite Presidential hopefuls for now, I look forward to the day Mitt’s statement below rings true.

Massachusetts: This Brown’s For You!

‘Tis the day of the election
And all through my town,
I’m praying for a Senator,
His name is Scott Brown!

Today is the moment of truth. Today we find out if Massachusetts will send a second shot heard ’round the world, or, at least, heard ’round the nation. Millions of citizens have rallied, from local town hall meetings to Washington, DC. We’ve raised our voices, hoisted our homemade signs and thrown symbolic tea into our waterways, all while being called despicable, raunchy and crude names by the media lap dogs. However, despite the tricks and schemes of Pelosi, Reid, Obama, SEIU and closed-door compromises sans C-SPAN, current health care legislation hinges on this all-important vote: the Massachusetts Senate seat to replace the departed Ted Kennedy.

Yesterday afternoon we went to a rally outside the TD Garden. We got to shake hands with Scott Brown, speak with him briefly and have our pictures taken. (It’s not the first time I’ve heard Scott Brown speak but it was the first time I shook his hand as I didn’t have a cold this time!)

A Bruins game was about to begin inside the TD Garden which meant crowds dressed in yellow and black were drifting by us. One man said, to no one in particular, “Hey, is that Brown over there?” to which I replied, “Yeah, he’s shaking hands with everyone. You should go over and say hello” and off he went. There were chants of “Go, Scott, Go!” and “41st Vote!” but what struck me the most was the amount of smiles on people’s faces. Look, I’ve lived in Massachusetts long enough to know that smiles outside TD Garden (and its myriad of former names) only occur after a Celtics or Bruins victory. Perhaps that is what was in the air: a prelude to victory. We could almost taste it.

After the rally, Brown left for North Attleboro and we headed for our relaxing day in the city. As we turned to walk away, a reporter from the New York Daily News asked if we could answer a few questions. I read through their account of the Boston rally and we weren’t quoted. No surprises there as the article was pro-Coakley. The questions were what you’d expect:

Q: Why does Scott Brown have your support?
A: He has promised to be the 41st vote against the current health care reform bill.

Q: What do you think about a Republican winning Ted Kennedy’s seat?
A: It’s not Ted Kennedy’s seat. That’s not just a line, either. It’s the truth. This being the people’s seat has resonated with the state. Once they heard Scott Brown articulate that in the final debate, people began to say, “Yeah, that’s right! It’s our seat!”

Q: How do you feel about his chances?
A: We’re optimistic. The polls look good and he’s drawing large crowds.

Q: Why do you think Coakley is trailing?
A: For one, she took the Democrat vote for granted. She didn’t think she needed to work for it. Also, in the same vein, as you are probably aware, the majority of Massachusetts voters do not align with either major party. Independents like to be courted and they haven’t been courted by Coakley. Scott Brown has made a concerted effort to woo Independents over to his side.

Q: Do you think the people of Massachusetts will turn out for Coakley, though, because they want to do it for Obama, especially since he came to town yesterday?
A: No. (My husband and I were laughing as we said No and the reporter started chuckling as well.)

To many who are skeptical about Scott Brown and his conservative credentials, let me keep it simple for you. Our current struggle is to avoid government-run health care. As you can see from my prior entries, the health care debate is what started this blog and is the thread that runs through my posts. I am determined to do what I can to keep the current health care bill from passing. I’ve e-mailed my Senators and Congressmen but this is the one thing, as a resident of Massachusetts, that will actually get attention. I am voting for Scott Brown for the very reason I listed above: He has promised to vote against the current disastrous health care bill.

To those who think Scott Brown is the prototype for 2010 elections, quit wasting your ink. He is the best candidate for Massachusetts. He may not be the best candidate for the other 49 (or is it 56?) states. If I were back in my native South Carolina, I would want a fiscal and social conservative, like Jim DeMint. Jim DeMint is a fantastic Senator. He has served South Carolina well and continues to spearhead efforts to reduce the size of our federal government. As great as I think he is, he would likely have a difficult time winning a Republican primary in a New England state. This is the beauty of state elections. Each state gets to choose the candidate that best fits their needs, their values and their priorities.

Massachusetts, this Brown’s for you! Cast your vote for Scott Brown to send a message to Washington that even the most stubborn amongst them would be hard-pressed to ignore. What’s at stake is immeasurable: our freedom to choose our doctor, make our own decisions about treatment and the inalienable right to pursue life.

That’s why, for this state senatorial election, I join in unison with fellow Scott Brown supporters to say:
Go, Scott, Go!
Go, Scott, Go!
Go, Scott, Go!

UPDATE I: Follow Hot Air’s ongoing election coverage here and tune in to local radio ( or for anecdotal coverage from local callers.

UPDATE II: Join us on Hot Air with the open thread for the election results!

UPDATE III: Scott Brown wins! Scott Brown is now the Senator-elect of Massachusetts! We’ll send him to DC with a big red bow on his GM truck. It’s rather fitting, then, that tomorrow is President Obama’s 1st year anniversary as president. Our gift to him is, of course, Scott Brown. To reflect a sentiment familiar with the First Lady, for the first time in my adult life, I am proud to be a Massachusetts resident.

Health Care & Basketball?

The current health care debate has something in common with basketball. Let me explain.

You should know I like to watch basketball. No, not the NBA. I truly loathe watching the NBA. I prefer men’s NCAA basketball. It’s technical, fast-paced and those guys play for their schools, not their pockets, yet.

I was watching one of my favorite teams last week and one of their stars accidentally tipped a rebound into the other team’s basket. They were up by almost 20 points at the time so it was treated like no big deal. Even I said something like, “Oops! That’s not supposed to happen!” laughing as I wondered how I had escaped high school not doing something like that. (My coach called me “Butter fingers” by the way.)

The game goes on and the other team begins to catch up by playing solid defense and hitting 3s. Before you know it, they take the lead. As the final minutes begin to tick there are several lead changes. If you’ve ever watched a close game, you know how much can change in “a basketball minute.”

My team ended up losing by 2 points. 2 points! Yes, those pesky 2 points that were unearned when my guy, the center, tipped the ball into the other team’s basket. It was no sweat when they were up 20 points. But when they lose by 2 points you don’t think about points missed at the free throw line, off-balanced jump shots or lazy fouls. No, you think about those 2 points that were put in the other team’s net by your team’s big guy. He might as well handed over those 2 points on a silver platter.

The GOP is acting like the basketball center on this health care debate. Whether they play defense or offense, it doesn’t matter. The Democrats have a majority and can do whatever they want, as long as they stick together and find consensus. Does America like a one-party system? We’ll know for sure in 2010.

Until then, the GOP needs to make sure they don’t accidentally tip health care in the Democrat’s favor to take it over by passing amendments that make the bill more tolerable by the likes of Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, Joe Lieberman or Ben Nelson (see Ed Morrissey’s article on HotAir). They already did this in the House with the amendment to keep abortion from being funded by federal dollars, forgetting the long range view that the amendment doesn’t have to be adopted during Conference and likely will not. The same goes for these Senate amendments. (Follow Erick Erickson as he monitors the GOP’s attempt to fix the bill on Red State.)

A spoonful of sugar may help the medicine go down, but they’ll spit that sugar out in conference and we’ll all be stuck with government-run health care, which is not really health care at all.

GOP, you need to focus, or you’ll end up looking like this:

Wrong Basket – watch more funny videos

P.S. Since I don’t like the NBA, I thought this was the perfect clip. Wish I could have found something of better quality but the replay is nice. There was no way I was going to show you a clip of my team’s center. I like him and don’t want to embarrass him. But take note. If you’re a Senator and you aren’t listening to the American people and you pass this behemoth of a take over health care bill, we will all know who you are. You will need to look for new work when your term is up for reelection, be it 2010, 2012 or 2014. We will not forget!

Fort Hood Shootings: OK to Mention Religion?

Yesterday on Fort Hood, 13 people were killed and 28 were wounded when a lone gunman, Military Psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, opened fire in a readiness facility on the Texas Army base. He was brought down by Sgt. Kimberly Munley. Both are still hospitalized and listed as being in stable condition.

In light of reports that Hasan was saying “Allahu Akbar” as he executed this horrific killing spree, I have been seeking answers from the politically correct hawks on Twitter: When is it OK to mention the religion of a mass murderer?

Many of my Twitter friends have commented that if the person were an evangelical Christian, the media would call for a week-long foray into the Church and its “harmful effects” on its subjects. We’ve been there, done that. Right now, though, I am not interested in how the center-left or left-fringe journalists will cover it. I am more interested in wondering where the politically correct draw the line.

By the standards of the PC Police, what are the instances in which a person’s religion, or lack thereof, can be considered an integral part of the story? Doesn’t ignoring it create the elephant in the room? Is that the goal of being politically correct: to extract enough content from our national conversations that we end up in a back room secretly discussing the important topics of the day?

I would venture that it’s not merely one’s religion, but one’s worldview through the lens of specific aspects within one’s faith that highlight how a person thinks, feels and acts. We can argue night and day about what certain religious texts say about nonbelievers and violence. There is merit in having those discussions. However, we need to move beyond the text and discover on a granular scale how those texts are translated and applied.

Who should do that? It should start with the religious leaders who are responsible for the growth and maturity of its converts. I doubt it would take much conversing to find out if a person is headed down a destructive path or a constructive one. Do we know who Hasan’s inner circle of believers were? Do we know his religious instructors? Do we know if he ever spoke of violence-related matters? Somewhere along the way he must have said or done something that would cause alarm. Do we have within our religious tenets an ability to detect those red flags? If not, then we have a serious problem.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant and it’s time we tell the truth, the whole truth, and not the watered-down, politically correct half-truths.

Below are the President’s remarks. It sounds as if he wasn’t notified about the shootings until after he began his statement. No, for some inexplicable reason, he planned on mentioning other things first.