Fort Hood Shootings: OK to Mention Religion?

Yesterday on Fort Hood, 13 people were killed and 28 were wounded when a lone gunman, Military Psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, opened fire in a readiness facility on the Texas Army base. He was brought down by Sgt. Kimberly Munley. Both are still hospitalized and listed as being in stable condition.

In light of reports that Hasan was saying “Allahu Akbar” as he executed this horrific killing spree, I have been seeking answers from the politically correct hawks on Twitter: When is it OK to mention the religion of a mass murderer?

Many of my Twitter friends have commented that if the person were an evangelical Christian, the media would call for a week-long foray into the Church and its “harmful effects” on its subjects. We’ve been there, done that. Right now, though, I am not interested in how the center-left or left-fringe journalists will cover it. I am more interested in wondering where the politically correct draw the line.

By the standards of the PC Police, what are the instances in which a person’s religion, or lack thereof, can be considered an integral part of the story? Doesn’t ignoring it create the elephant in the room? Is that the goal of being politically correct: to extract enough content from our national conversations that we end up in a back room secretly discussing the important topics of the day?

I would venture that it’s not merely one’s religion, but one’s worldview through the lens of specific aspects within one’s faith that highlight how a person thinks, feels and acts. We can argue night and day about what certain religious texts say about nonbelievers and violence. There is merit in having those discussions. However, we need to move beyond the text and discover on a granular scale how those texts are translated and applied.

Who should do that? It should start with the religious leaders who are responsible for the growth and maturity of its converts. I doubt it would take much conversing to find out if a person is headed down a destructive path or a constructive one. Do we know who Hasan’s inner circle of believers were? Do we know his religious instructors? Do we know if he ever spoke of violence-related matters? Somewhere along the way he must have said or done something that would cause alarm. Do we have within our religious tenets an ability to detect those red flags? If not, then we have a serious problem.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant and it’s time we tell the truth, the whole truth, and not the watered-down, politically correct half-truths.

Below are the President’s remarks. It sounds as if he wasn’t notified about the shootings until after he began his statement. No, for some inexplicable reason, he planned on mentioning other things first.

6 comments to Fort Hood Shootings: OK to Mention Religion?

  • so what’s the solution here?

    1. let people who want to leave the army leave.

    2. disallow muslims from serving

    3. end the wars in iraq and afghanistan and stop starting so many wars period.


  • K Fasail

    Yes, certainly ok to mention religion — it was a core motivation behind Hasan’s activities.

    Religion was not a motivation behind the shootings at Columbine, et. al.

    I am interested to see if the US Military will change its policy because of this incident. In history, so many other US soldiers were not dismissed from duty because of religious or ethnic beliefs. And yet Hasan was clearly trying to remove himself from service for some time before yesterday.

    What are we going to do with guys like Hasan in the US military? While this is the most extreme example to date, I’d rather they discharge Hasan and get him to agree to pay a hefty fine or something, rather than put him in a combat unit.

  • I would assume that even the PC Police cannot ignore that the terrorist, Hasan, shouted Allahu Akbar before murdering Americans. I would imagine those are the same words used by the 9/11 terrorists and suicide bombers as visions of virgins dance in their heads. That makes this a terrorist attack – an attack by a jihadist on Americans. period. Well written article and the site is great! :)

  • Great post. Very refreshing given all the duplicate content out there. Thanks for doing something original.

  • I just needed to say that I found your blog via Goolge and I am glad I did. Keep up the good work and I will make sure to bookmark you for when I have more free time away from the books. Thanks again!

  • “It’s pointless to get hung up on whether or not this is a mosque or community center with a prayer room or whatever. ” No. It is EXACTLY the point.