The (R)ed Wave to Stop Obama: Keep Riding!

We’ve had 2 years to figure out who Obama is. Let’s face it, the majority of Americans had no idea who Obama was or what kind of leader he would be. He had been a community organizer, whatever that was, voted “present” in the Illinois state legislature, which seemed bipartisanship-y (really, people?) and was a [...]

Election Tuesday 2010: Move Over Dems!

We’ve vented our frustrations, we’ve gathered and we’ve prayed.

Tomorrow … we vote.
Tomorrow … we FLIP that House!
Tomorrow we’ll be giving candidates the opportunity to get it right. We’ll be watching closely. Call yourself a conservative? Prove it!

For months now we’ve been saying, “We can see November from our house!”
November is finally here.
Washington has been ignoring us but they can’t ignore the pink slips we’ll be handing out November 2nd.

In the words of the President, “ARE YOU FIRED UP?! READY TO GO?!” I am! Now get out there and make it happen! Let’s undo the damage and restore America to her greatness once again!

Murkowski Write-In: Spell it L-O-S-E-R

Lisa Murkowski began her Senate career in 2002 when she was appointed by her father, Frank Murkowski. He wanted someone to fill the Alaskan Senate seat he was exchanging for the Alaska Governor’s mansion and who better than his own daughter? Just think of it as musical chairs for ruling class families.

As you can imagine, [...]